Howrah Zilla Parishad

Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojona (Gramin)-PMAY(G)-Revamping of Indira Awaas Yojona(IAY)

Government Vision: Providing "Housing for All by 2022"
Scheme design : To provide assistance to all houseless and households living in kutcha and dilapidated houses for construction of pucca house.

Salient Features:

  • Providing assistance for construction of one crore houses in rural areas over the period of 3 years (from 2016-17 to 2018-19).
  • Enhancement of unit assistant from Rs 70000/- to Rs.1,20,000/-.
  • Beneficiary would be facilitated to avail loan up to Rs. 70,000/- for construction purpose (optional).
  • Using SECC-2011 data for identification of Beneficiaries.
  • Technical Support from National Level.

Implementation Strategy (Mission Mode):

State Level :-State Mission

District Level :- District Mission –finalize identified list of beneficiaries, conduct capacity building program etc.

Block level: - Awareness building of beneficiaries, overseeing implementation at fixed stages, implementation of annual plan etc.

Gram Panchayat:-Special functional committee on housing to steer the programme.

Mason Training:- Training will be provided to rural masons to address the issue of availability of skilled masons and construction of quality houses.

The Key strategy for training of masons includes a focus on localized and on the job training of semi skilled masons on IAY/PMAY(G).

Funding Pattern:Govt. of India: State Govt. = 60:40

Earmarking of Funds:SC&ST:60% , Minority:15%.

3% of beneficiaries must be from disabled persons

Release of Installments:

1st Installment-25% of the unit cost after issue of sanction order.

2nd Installment-60% of the unit cost on reaching the lintel level.

3rd Installment-15% of the unit cost on completion of house and sanitary latrine. The photograph of the state of completion of the house should be uploaded in AWASSOFT for release of further installment.

Administrative Expenses: Up to 4% of the funds released can be utilized for Administering this scheme.

Monitoring: Monitoring through traditional administrative methods with the intelligent use of mobile phone based geo-reference, time stamped photograph and real time electronic fund transfer through PFMS.

Mission Nirmal Bangla/swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)

Basic Features:

  • Flexibility to the States to plan its strategy for saturation of villages and Gram Panchayats
  • Not counting toilets, but monitoring ODF is the key
  • Focus on IEC/ BCC, especially SBCC for triggering community action.
  • Beneficiaries are selected from BLS-2012
  • BPL and APL restricted(SC, ST, Small & marginal farmers, Landless Labourer, Women headed family, Physically handicapped headed family) households without toilet in the BLS list 2012 are eligible beneficiaries.
  • Flexibility to the States on individual/ community incentives or a combination of both
  • Rs.12,000.00 per IHHL (Rs.2,000.00 for provision of water and hand washing facilities) is the overall funding for IHHL
  • The State is presently continuing with Rs.10000.00 as incentive and Rs.900.00 from household for the basic construction. Rest amount of Rs.2000.00 reserved as community incentive for provisioning water in the village
  • No further convergence with MGNREGA for IHHL. Entire incentive to be made available from the SBM (G)
  • Recently a provision has been given in MDWS to enter details of eligible but left out beneficiaries in BLS,2012. Construction of IHHL in these households will be made exclusively from MGNREGA.
  • Construction of toilets by Rural Sanitary Mart or NGO/SHG
  • Specifications of IHHL: Double leach pit with 4 ft. depth & 2.5 ft. diameter and Y Junction or inspection chamber should be provided.
  • Superstructure should be made of brick, sand & cement
  • Entry of construction report on IMIS software
  • SLWM facilities @ 1 per GP.
  • Construction of Community Sanitary Complex Rs. 2.00 Lakh. Additional fund may be added from other sources including CSR contribution.

ODF Protocol:

  • Intensive IEC activity and Para Nazardari
  • Participation of people and officials of various Government Departments
    • PRI Members
    • ICDS Supervisor
    • ASHA Workers
    • ICDS Worker
    • School Teachers
    • Students
    • SHG
    • Members of Para Nazardari Committee
  • 100% verification by the Gram Panchayat
  • 10% Verification by the Block
  • 5% Verification by the District
  • 2% Verification by the State