4 Time Management Tips to Solve Tricky Maths Questions

If you are solving mathematical questions of mathematics, tricky questions are inevitable. Hence, we have provided 4 Time Management Tips to Solve Tricky math questions. No matter what kind of exam is appearing, tricky questions will be a time-consuming process to solve due to the complicated theorems associated with it. In that case, if you are looking to finish the paper on time, it is a challenging task. 

So, if time is short and if they are running out of time to solve questions, you need to develop a time management habit. Unfortunately, most of the students lack skills when solving mathematical questions like chain rules and others. However, they do not need to worry and have so many concerns. It is because we have brought this guide highlighting time-management tips to solve mathematical questions.  Read on to learn tips to solve tricky Maths questions.

How to Solve Mathematical Questions on Time?

  1. Understand the Examination Pattern

If you aim to complete your Maths paper on time, you need to understand the examination pattern. There are different examinations with different examination patterns. If you are appearing in competitive exams, there will be a different pattern. Board examinations have different examination patterns. As both of them have different exam patterns, there is no requirement to follow the same approach for both examinations. 

Remember that both of the examinations require different learning strategies followed by solving tactics. In both of them, you need to solve questions in a limited amount of time approach. So, have the habit of solving questions quickly and getting everything done on time. 

  1. Start with a Strategy As You Understand the Exam Pattern

It is good that you have understood the exam pattern, now it is the time to develop a strategy. Deeply analyze your skills and expertise and understand what kind of questions you can solve instantly. Some of you have difficulties in proving Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions or questions related to it. So, check the number of questions that relate to this module in the exam and start your problem-solving process. 

For instance, if there are 40 questions total in the paper and 10 are related to it, you can start solving the remaining 30 questions. In this manner, you will not have to wait for long or you get the chance of losing marks. If you are following a proper time division plan, at the last moment you will not hurry and solve all questions correctly. Therefore, follow this tip without ignoring it. In board exams and competitive exams, both are useful.

  1. Use the 20 Minutes Reading Time Effectively

Students, you all get a reading time before solving questions. So, do not waste that, and at least spare 20 minutes to go through all the questions. If you sincerely do this, most of the problem-solving process will be done mentally only. Also, you should not skip any questions in each section. It is a fact that many MCQs are solved only through the mental solving process. Therefore, in that 20 minutes, you can see how many questions you have solved, and whatever time you have saved initially, use it for revision purposes. After all, cross-checking is equally essential. 

  1. Do Not Worry About Complicated Problems

Have you done the reading part? How many complicated problems did you encounter? If you have anything complicated, do not take any stress. It will hamper your performance level when you solve the paper. Start with questions in which you are confident. If you obtain the right answers from them, it will boost your confidence. And sometimes a few questions are related to each other. So, the chances are higher that you can solve complicated questions in no time. As a result, it helps in getting more marks. 

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